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  • Mashing System

    Before introduction of the mashing system , I wanner to show the whole beer brewery project process , from the Brewhouse System , Fermentation System ,Beer Serving System , Micro Beer Selling System including the auxiliary device .Through this drawing , you will briefly understand the draft beer..
  • Fermenting System

    Fermentation System The fermenting system is usually made up with 6--12 fermenting tanks , rang from 200L-- 2000HL with various design ,which are also customized according to the customer's requirements .And also we can offer the beer bright tank for the beer maturing , can be straigh..
  • Beer Bright / Storage Tank

    Beer Storage Tank In order to get the matured and flavoured beer , it is very poluar to store the beer in the Beer Bright tank for longer time , and before selling you also can supplement the carbon dioxide (CO2) into the beer with the carbonation stone . Straight Beer Storage tan..
  • Beer Distribution Solution

    Zhenmai's Beer distribution solution incluiding follows : Keg Filling Machine ; Keg Washing machine ; Bottle Filling Mahcine; Bottle Washing Machine ; Beer distribution device in the pub After the brewing process , fermenting process , fianlly we get our prefer draft beer ,..
  • Fitting Equipment

    Fitting Equipments include the following main equipment : 1) Diatomite Filtering Machine 2) Power controller : full automatic and semi-automatic , PLC touching screen ; 3) Malt Miling equipment ; 4) Wort heat exchanger ; 5) Copland Chiller Unit 6) Glycol cooling tank ; 8) St..

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